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Reloading is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby that is easily conducted with safety. But like many other human endeavors, carelessness or negligence can make reloading hazardous. Strictly follow the instructions given by the manufacturers of the reloading components and equipment.

Must read safety rules for everyone who want to participate in this thread.

1. Reload only when you can give it your undivided attention.
2. Always wear proper eye protection.
3. Store powder and primers out of reach of children and away from heat and open fire. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your powder canister. Never smoke during a reloading session!
4. Keep no more powder than needed available. Immediately return the unused powder to its original factory container.
5. Do not use any powder unless its identity is positively known.
6. Do not store primers in bulk!
7. Do not use primers if their identity is lost.
8. Start loading with the starting load according to the loading data. If there is no indication of the starting load, use a 15 % lower charge than the listed maximum load.
9. Increase the charge using small steps watching for over-pressure signs from the primer and the case head at each step. If you detect over-pressures immediately stop shooting and reduce the charge.
11. Check visually the powder level in the cases so you are absolutely sure that you have no double powder charge.
12. If you change the lot of any component or if you change any of the components of your reload, you must develop your load from the starting load again.
13. You must absolutely follow the given cartridge overall lengths (C.O.L.) according to the reloading tables. The change in the bullet seating depth has a significant influence on the cartridge pressure.
14. Never reduce loads under the listed starting load.

Use the shared information in this thread at your OWN RISK

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